Yoga Tips For Hair Growth

Yogasanas for Hair: Yoga for Hair Loss Prevention

Whether it is women or men, in today’s modern life the problem of hair loss has become a common thing for everyone. It is not surprising that this problem is common because nowadays almost every person has to suffer from unbalanced eating habits and polluted environment. But this problem can be solved by yoga.

One thing is important in every situation – prevention is better than cure. Read how yoga can help you solve the problem of hair fall.

The problem of excessive hair fall also has a deep relation with your health, so this problem should never be denied. Anxiety, disturbances in hormones, wrong eating habits, diseases, dandruff, etc. are the main reasons for hair loss.

Use yoga and meditation to prevent hair loss

Apart from getting rid of the problem of hair fall through yoga and meditation, you will get relief from other physical disorders. This yogasana will deliver blood to the muscles of your brain in the right way and will also free you from mental stress, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

Yogasanas for hair: Can give relief from hair fall problem

All the forward bending postures increase the blood circulation in the head, which nourishes the hair roots. As a result you feel the change in your hair over time. Here are some asanas that you can practice. If you want good results, you have to practice them regularly.

Yogasanas for strong hair

  • Utthanasana 
  • Pawanmuktasana 
  • Sarvangasana 
  • Vajrasana 
  • Apanasana 

1. downward burial

Leaning in dog or dog pose, good blood circulation in the head and it is also beneficial in sinus and cold. It also provides relief in brain fatigue. Depression and insomnia are also removed.

2. uplifting posture

Standing and bending forward removes fatigue and weakness. It is also good to do in menopause and it also improves digestion power.

3. Pawanmuktasana

Gas is reduced and digestion power improves. The muscles below the waist are strong. It also reduces the fat of stomach and hips.

4. Sarvangasana

It nourishes the thyroid gland, allowing the digestive, genitourinary and nervous systems to relax and activate properly.

5. vajrasana

It is also called Heera Mudra, and unlike asanas, this asana can be done immediately after having a meal. It helps with urinary problems, weight loss and digestion of food by reducing gas in the stomach.

6. Apanasana

Apana vayu refers to the prana or energy of your digestive system, which helps to cleanse and flush out toxins. This yoga pose gives clarity to the mind and relieves constipation.

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