Best Colleges in United Kingdom

UK special courses which are in great demand all over the world

Business-related courses top the list of most popular degree courses in the UK. International Reputation of British Business School.

There are many top world class universities in the United Kingdom (UK) ie England. Institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College are inside England. Many such courses are offered in these universities which are very much liked all over the world. They include many courses in Business, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Sports Science, Media and Communication, Arts and Hospitality and Tourism. Let us know about them in detail…

Business-related courses top the list of most popular degree courses in the UK. International Reputation of British Business School. According to official figures for 2016-17, 1,21,675 international students were pursuing business and administrative courses.

Many internationally recognized and respected personalities have a UK business degree.

Following are the most popular degree courses in business in the UK…
Business Administration, Economics, Finance and Management, International Business, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Accounting, International Management, Business Analytics and Entrepreneurship

natural sciences
Scholars who have studied from Britain are included in the world’s famous scientists. Among the scientists around the world, a significant part is made up of scientists from England. Even though the percentage of the scientists studied here in the global scientific team is only 4.1 percent, but they publish the highest 15.2 percent citations in scientific papers. Important degree courses of Natural Science are…

Biology, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy and Earth Science.

engineering and technology
UK engineering and technology schools rank among the best in the world. Their study programs are highly research based. The most popular courses in engineering here include chemical engineering, bioengineering, civil and environmental engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.

Medicine includes surgery, dentistry, molecular medicine, veterinary surgery, nursing, psychotherapy, biomedicine, pharmacy and medical biotechnology.

The most popular courses in law offered here include Bachelor of Law, Criminology and Law, Master of Law, Civil Law, International Human Rights Law and Criminal Justice.

social science
Important courses in social sciences include Psychology, Political Science, History, Linguistics and Anthropology.

sports science
Talking about sports science, there are popular courses like Sports and Exercise Sciences, Sports Science and Physiology and Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

media and communication
Journalism, Film and TV Studios, Screenwriting and Digital Media

Fine Art Painting, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Hospitality and Tourism

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