A to Z List of Cancer Types, Cancer Causes, Treatment

A to Z List of Cancer Types, Cancer Causes, Treatment


During a few years ago, cancer was considered a deadly disease, but now it is not. Medical science has done so much that if cancer is caught in the early stages, then in very few cases it can be overcome and the life of the patient can be saved.

There are many types of cancer. You may be surprised to know that the cancer is more than one hundred types, but generally the details of which are the major types of cancer are being given here.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer that both men and women have their prey.

Every year millions of men and women know about men who are victims of skin cancer. So if you have to avoid skin cancer, then you have to save yourself from swelling and pollution.

Blood cancer

This type of cancer is also common but not as much as skin cancers. Leukemia is a type of blood cancer caused by the cancerous blood cells.

The cells contained within the bone marrow give rise to red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which can sometimes cause cancer, from which there is cancer called leukemia. People who suffer from leukemia lose weight; There is a lack of blood in them; They start sweating nights and do not understand the fever.

Bone cancer

This type of cancer mostly targets children and adults, but bones of cancer are not as common as other cancers and very few cases are found.

By consuming plenty of calcium, this kind of cancer can be avoided to a great extent, but there is no guarantee that you will be left out of this type of cancer only after consuming calcium because it happens for a variety of reasons.

Brain cancer (brain cancer)

There are two types of brain cancer: one is cancer and the second is non-cancerous. Brain cancer can be either a child or older, and there are several reasons for this to happen that the prevention does not occur in the person’s bus.

Brain cancer is also known as brain tumor. If the cancerous brain tumor is not stopped then it can reach the brain and other parts of the body.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer mostly makes women a victim of their own. Men may also have breast cancer but this is very rare. Victims of breast cancer are usually women.

In the United States about 2 lakh cases occur every year in which women are found to be suffering from breast cancer. This type of cancer can be avoided by continuing to know your breast regularly. By the time of marriage and the birth of children at a reasonable time, this type of cancer can be largely avoided.

But breast cancer can happen for many reasons, many of which are not due to you. In such a case, the only remedy is proper treatment.

Oral cancer

The mouth cancer is usually consumed by cigarette, tobacco, etc. But this does not mean that people who do not consume cigarettes-tobacco can not be cancer of mouth. But such people are less likely to face oral cancer by 50 percent.

Throat cancer

Throat cancer is also a type of cancer that has many people hunting every year. There are mainly reasons for this, which give rise to cancer of the mouth like cigarettes, tobacco etc.

lung cancer

Lung cancer is also found in many people and due to this, cigarettes, tobacco etc. may be consumed.

Pancreatic cancer

This cancer makes pancreatias, that is, their prey. In this case, breast cancer, lung cancer is very rare compared to bone cancer. Recently, the world famous Steve Jobs was found to be its victims, which had been treated for many years and eventually died.

Apart from the above types of cancer, some of the other common types of cancers are: cancer of the anus, abdominal cancer, eye cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, testicular i.e. testicular cancer etc.


By adopting the right dietary and proper lifestyle and regularly checking you can survive to this extent from this deadly disease.

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