How to Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

How to Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts


Friends, if you are a blogger then you must know how important it is to update the daily post on the blog, but sometimes for some reason we are out there, and it is not possible to publish the post at that time.

So we think that today our visitor will not get to read something new, and our visitors will be disappointed. So let’s get rid of this problem and tell the people that you want to publish the blog post on your own schedule?

Regular Updating the Blog is also better than SEO’s. And pages also rank quickly in the search engine. As far as the search engine is concerned, let you know that all the search engines like the blog or the website that updates daily.
If you publish the post on your blog at a specific time, then it can also benefit SEO and search engine rankings.

Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

If you schedule and publish your blog post, you and your blog can have many benefits. Some of which we are telling you the people below.

Fix a certain time of publishing the Daily Post, so that the visitor will know which time the new post will be published, and they will read it as soon as it is published.

If you can not publish the post at the right time due to work, your post will be published at the same time with the help of schedule, and you and your visitor will not be disappointed.

Posts in the search engine begin to be quickly indexed. Because the blog or website that updates daily, the search engine likes it very much.

If you have posted an automatic schedule at any time, you will be online at that time or your post will be published at the right time.

How do I schedule the blog post for automatic publishing?

If your blog is on, where you write a new post, it is scheduled from the same.

Before setting an automatic schedule of the post, set your blog time zone according to your country, otherwise the time zone will be postponed according to the time of the post.

First of all, write your article or post completely and prepare it. After that there will be a schedule for the post setting in the post setting on the right. Click on it

Now select the date and time from here. The date and time you want to publish it.

Now you publish that post. Your post will be automatically publish according to your set time and date.

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