Scientists Claim Cone Snail Venom May Be Useful In Treating Diabetes

Life-changing diabetes treatment is possible. Several studies say that snail venom is the cure. get full knowledge

Today many people are suffering from diabetes due to their irregular and unhealthy lifestyle. This disease completely changes your lifestyle. By doing this, you not only stay away from your favorite food, but also increase the risk of other diseases. However, a nutritious diet – regular exercise can control them.

But the biggest problem lies in the lack of proper treatment. Insulin drugs can only control it, not cure it. But don’t despair, in a recent study, a chemical derived from cone-shaped snails was considered a cure for cone snail venom. Welcome to know more about it.

What is cone snail venom?

It is interesting to know about the venom of the cone snail, which is said to be effective in treating diabetes. You should have collected the shells on the beach in time. The snail lives inside these oysters, with its help you can get rid of diabetes. But for such great information, it is necessary to have facts. That’s why we are talking about some special studies related to it.

Studies show how effective snail venom is in fighting diabetes

UN Chemical Engineers Harish Fasht Biswajit Gauri has found that different variants of this toxin, known as con-ins, can help treat diabetes. This could offer future prospects for the development of new, faster-acting drugs.

“Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate; new ways to develop cost-effective, affordable drugs for patients may be discovered,” said Washington, an associate professor of chemical engineering.

Researchers have studied the venom of the cone snail in more detail, according to a recent study published in the science journal Proteins. Journal of Structure, Function and Bioinformatics. This causes a hypoglycemic reaction that lowers blood sugar. Unlike insulin produced in the body, it helps control blood sugar.

More research is needed on this topic,” says Gorey, a leading postdoctoral fellow and author. “Our research suggests that cone snail venom may be a viable alternative, albeit a smaller peptide. We hope this will help in the development of a new venom. Effective drugs in the future.”

he might as well be careful

The insulin-like venom released by some cone snails can be very dangerous. Which can lead to hypoglycemic shock. The bite of the Geographus snail is the most poisonous. There were reports of people dying from this. These cases are especially noticeable in divers who have not been exposed to snail venom.

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