Earache Causes: These Reasons Cause Ear Pain, Know- Home Remedies

Ear pain is a common problem. This pain can be in both the ears but it mostly happens in one ear only. Earache can last for a while or even for a long time. This pain can be mild and sharp. Apart from ear infection, there are many other reasons for ear pain. Let’s know about them.

Symptoms of ear pain – Sometimes due to pain in the ear, it is not possible to hear properly. Some people also have fluid coming out of their ears. Due to ear pain, symptoms like intermittent hearing, fever, difficulty sleeping, ear strain, irritability, headache and loss of appetite can be seen in children.

Common causes of ear pain- Injury, infection, irritation in the ear can cause ear pain. Pain in the jaw or teeth also causes pain in the ear. Due to infection, there is pain in the inner side of the ear.

Infection can occur on the outer side of the ear when swimming, wearing headphones, inserting cotton or finger. Due to the peeling of the skin inside the ear and the loss of water, there can also be bacteria in the ear.

Infection in the middle of the ear can occur due to respiratory tract infection. Due to the frozen fluid in the ear, bacteria also start to occur. Due to labyrinthitis, there is inflammation in the inner side of the ear.

Other causes of ear pain – Air pressure, earwax, sore throat, sinus infection, shampoo or water in the ear, cotton swabs, temporomandibular joint syndrome, ear piercing, tooth infection, ear eczema It also causes pain.

How to treat at home – Minor pain in the ear can be treated at home too. Irrigate the ear with a cold cloth. Avoid getting the ears wet. To get relief from ear pressure, sit absolutely straight, even after chewing chewing gum, there is less pressure on the ear. If there is pain in the ear of the newborn, then feed that milk, it also reduces the pressure of the ear.

Medical treatment – If you have fever with severe pain in the ear, then definitely show it to the doctor. For this, the doctor may give you some antibiotics and ear drops. Never stop taking the medicine after getting relief. Until the course of the medicine is completed, the infection will not be completely cured.

Keep these things in mind- If you often complain of pain in the ear, then take special care of some things. For example, do not smoke cigarettes, do not put any kind of tool in the ear, dry the ear after bathing or swimming, avoid dust and allergens.

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