How To Protect Your Eyes From Damage

It is important to protect your eyes from dust, smoke and post-Diwali pollution, know the necessary preventive measures

The more happiness Diwali brings, the more polluted and depressing the atmosphere becomes after Diwali. In such a situation, you have to take great care of your eyes.

Vidushi Shukla

How to avoid the damage caused by pollution on the eyes. Image: ShutterstockRead more
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The sky turns pink with the setting sun, the rainbow in the clear sky after the rain, the stars twinkling at midnight- these are all beautiful scenes of life for which we should be thankful to our eyes.

Our eyes are the light of our life. Without eyes it is not only difficult to lead a normal life but life becomes dark. Eyes are precious and it is our responsibility to take care of them.

Our eyes are as precious as they are delicate. Our eyes are very sensitive, so we should be careful in every way while taking care of them.
In today’s time, the biggest danger to our eyes is from smoke and pollution. Polluted air contains many poisonous gases which are very dangerous for our eyes. If you live in Delhi or its surrounding area then you will be well aware of the effects of pollution on the eyes.

Every year, with the onset of winter, a thick haze of smoke engulfs North India, especially in the capital. This is called smog. This smog causes cough, shortness of breath as well as problems in the eyes.

How to protect your eyes from dust, smoke and pollution after Diwali. Image: Shutterstack

What is the effect of pollution on the eyes

First of all let us know what is the meaning of pollution. Particulates of half-burnt carbon present in smoke, particles of construction cement, deadly gases from vehicles, toxic smoke from factories, methane from rotting garbage – all these are responsible for pollution.
Pollution badly affects our eyes. Eye irritation, dry eyes, redness in the eyes, etc. are the major symptoms of pollution.

By the way, these are not a matter of much concern because these symptoms subside on their own due to reduction in pollution. But in the present situation of pollution in India, pollution does not seem to be reducing. And when pollution is there all the time then serious problems like ‘dry eye syndrome’ arise. In dry eye syndrome, the aqueous humor of the eye becomes dry. Due to this the eyes remain dry all the time and there is irritation. Having this syndrome for a long time can also lead to loss of eyesight.

A review conducted by the Journal of the American Optometrist Association found that air pollution is to blame for serious eye disorders. According to this review, if there are more particles in the air, they can damage the retina of the eye. Pollution can lead to other eye diseases and take more dangerous forms.

Pollution can seriously damage the eyes. Image : Shutterstock

So what is the solution?

1. The study, published in the journal Toxicology Letters, suggests that keeping your eyes as far away from pollution as possible is the only way to take care of your eyes. This means that in a polluted environment, go outside the house as little as possible.

2. Plant air purifier plants inside the house. Not only this, you must also install air purifier in the house. This will keep the air inside the house clean which is safe for your eyes.

3. If you go out, wear clear glasses or goggles. This will keep your eyes out of direct contact with the air. If you wear contact lenses, cover your eyes while going out.

4. Get a suitable eye drop on the advice of the doctor and put it in the eyes every night. This will not make the eyes dry.

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