Top 5 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss: Learn 5 easy ways to lose weight, consume these things

The problem of weight gain disturbs both physically and mentally. That’s why you can also reduce your weight through these 5 easy steps.

Nowadays weight gain is the main reason for many diseases. This includes increased cholesterol, cancer, blood pressure and heart disease etc. There can be many reasons for weight gain such as consuming more calories, eating without time and eating junk food etc. However, there are many natural ways to lose weight. Let’s know 5 easy ways to lose weight….

The problem of gaining weight even after eating less food

There is a problem of obesity even after eating very little. The main reason for this is that the amount of carbohydrates in Indian food is more than protein. For this, you should include protein-rich food in the diet and reduce the carbohydrate-rich diet. Eating protein rich food increases muscle mass in the body. It reduces fat. Hormone problems are cured by eating protein-rich food. Also it helps in controlling weight. It also makes you feel full for a long time. For protein, you can try roasted gram, boiled eggs, gram flour, omelet and paneer sandwich, lassi, milk shake, buttermilk for lunch and dinner, rajma, chickpeas, curry, gram flour, paneer, grilled chicken, grilled fish non-veg cooked in less oil. etc. can be included in the diet.

what to include in diet to lose weight

Due to increased metabolism in the body, body weight is reduced. Due to many diseases, our body starts accumulating energy instead of spending it. The reason for this is not eating food for a long time, thyroid problem, not being physically active. For this, people suffering from PCOD can consume cinnamon tea in the morning. People with thyroid problems can consume turmeric tea or ajwain tea. People with diabetes can consume fenugreek seed tea. Those who do not have any problem can take tea with cumin and coriander. These spices have weight-reducing properties.

what to eat when you are hungry

In this case, avoid junk food. Instead, you can consume foods with multivitamins, antioxidants and fiber. These help in reducing weight. They make you feel full for a long time. For this, you can consume colorful fruits, try not to eat more sweet fruits like chikoo and banana etc. Instead you can eat apple, orange and papaya etc. Apart from this, you can eat roasted gram, roasted makhana, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Do not eat vegetables that grow under the ground in vegetables. Instead you can eat broccoli, capsicum, brinjal ghee, zucchini, spinach and tinda.

What should not be consumed while losing weight

For this, you gain weight quickly by eating fat food, carbohydrate diet and sodium. For this, junk food, high carbohydrate packed juices, sweets, refined flour and white bread are included. Apart from this, do not eat too much salt. To reduce weight, you can eat jowar, millet, ragi, wheat flour roti, brown rice, paneer sandwich, black chaat and missi roti etc

Why it is important to eat at the right time

Have breakfast within 2 hours of waking up in the morning. After this, eat a light snack around 11 o’clock. Have lunch from 1 to 2 in the afternoon. Then take snacks with evening tea at 4 to 6 pm. Eat food between 7 and 8 o’clock in the night. Eating late at night causes weight gain. So try to eat food 3 hours before sleeping

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