Symptoms of Heart Attack For Male

Symptoms of heart attack in men These 4 symptoms seen in men can be ‘signs of fatal heart attack’

A heart attack is not always fatal, but every time its symptoms should be taken seriously.

He shows all kinds of symptoms before a heart attack. By taking some precautions, it can be prevented from becoming fatal. It is not always fatal but every time its symptoms should be taken seriously. Its symptoms appear differently to everyone. In some people this happens suddenly, while in some people, they get a heart attack by giving many warnings. Today we will tell you about some such symptoms of heart attack in men, which will alert you to the dangers of heart attack in time.

1. Stomach problems – Frequent belching, indigestion and nausea can be a sign of heart problems. Since the nerves of the digestive system are connected to the nerves of the heart, any symptoms of cardiac problems can be observed in the abdomen.

2. Chest pain – This is a common symptom of a heart attack. Chest pain is not always a symptom of a heart attack, but if you feel pain in the middle of the chest, it could be a heart attack. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of heart attack under excessive stress. Excessive stress increases the heartbeat, which causes the veins to constrict and obstruct blood flow.

3. Snoring- Continuous snoring and not being able to breathe properly while sleeping can also be a reason for heart attack. In this case, it should be treated immediately. Irregular sleep causes irregular heartbeat. This also increases the risk of heart attack.

4. Pain in legs while walking – If you are having pain in your legs or hips while walking, then it can also be a sign of heart attack. The blood supply to the joints, abdomen, and head is reduced due to narrowing of the arteries and blockage of blood flow. In such a situation, there is also a lack of blood in the legs, due to which they start feeling pain.

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