Pain in the neck right side Neck

Neck pain in the right side of the neck, pain can be a serious disease, know the causes, symptoms և prevention

The problem of neck pain is constantly growing. The neck muscles tense up due to poor posture. The ever-increasing trend of computers has made this problem more serious because people are constantly working on the computer for hours. If left untreated, cervical pain is not limited to the neck but can spread to other parts of the body. The number of people complaining of cervical pain is growing rapidly nowadays. If ignored, it can have dire consequences. Manoy Sharma speaks about banning this

Cervical pain

The problem of neck pain in medical language is called cervical pain. Cervical pain is caused by problems with the cervical joints and discs of the cervical spine. It is caused by erosion of the bones։ cartilage. In addition to age, there are many other causes, such as neck injuries, tightness of ligaments, lack of physical activity, and keeping the neck in an awkward position for a long time. Some people have cervical pain so severe that they find it difficult to perform their daily activities. There may be other reasons besides this

What are the symptoms?

Tension և Tension in the neck muscles. Pain in the neck. The pain increases when the neck stays in the same position for a long time. How to drive a car, work with a computer, etc. Stinging of the hands, feet, and toes, numbness or weakness.

Pain in the head and shoulders. Difficulty walking և Balancing the body. muscle spasm; Inability to control the bladder և.

what are the reasons?

Muscle fatigue due to frequent use of computer: mobile phone. Do not maintain proper neck posture while studying or working. With age, the neck joints tend to break down into the bones of the neck affected by osteoarthritis. Muscle or tissue strain or spinal deformity resulting from an accident or injury. Then call your doctor

Most neck pain is relieved with regular exercise and proper posture. If not, see a doctor. If the pain increases, see a doctor. If the pain persists for several days without resting, see a doctor. If the pain spreads from the neck to the hands and feet, see a doctor. If you have headaches, weakness, numbness or numbness in your hands or feet, see your doctor.

What are the treatments?

If the problem with cervical pain is minor, it can be corrected by changing your lifestyle, but if the condition is severe, see an orthopedist or spine surgeon. It can be easily detected by X-ray, CT scan, MRI, as it can be treated with therapy.

drugs և injections

Several medications are prescribed to reduce nerve damage, swelling of the tissues, and pain caused by muscle spasms. Steroid injections are given to reduce the pain. Surgical pain is also recommended if physical therapy և medications do not cure cervical pain.

How to avoid?

Maintain your proper posture while sitting, walking, and working on the computer. Exercise regularly. Do not talk on a cell phone between the ear and shoulder.

Avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

Eat lots of calcium և Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones. Use the right pillow to sleep.

Physical therapy

During physical therapy, certain types of exercises are performed under the supervision of a specialist to eliminate the stiff neck pain. It is said that the right posture relieves neck pain.

medullary tuberculosis

Spinal cord infections can be caused by fractures of the spine or bones. Myeloid tuberculosis can affect more than one vertebrae. Spinal deformity can lead to several deformities of the spine. Myeloid tuberculosis can also cause narrowing of the spinal canal, which can lead to nervous system problems. If not treated in time, the lower part of the body can become paralyzed due to shrinkage of the spinal cord.

spinal cord tumor

Tumors of the spine can develop in the spinal canal or in the bones of the spine. When cells grow abnormally and divide into the medulla or spinal cord, a nodule or mass is called a spiral tumor. Tumors of the spine cause pain, problems with the nervous system, sometimes paralysis.

Arthritis of the spine

Osteoarthritis of the spine is caused by wear and tear of the cartilage of the joints, neck, lower back. Sometimes it puts pressure on the nerves that leave the spine, which can lead to pain in the arms or legs և weakness.

Cervical myeloma

In the case of cervical myelitis, the spinal cord is compressed, as a result of which the spinal cord shrinks in size and becomes soft. This can cause problems throughout the body. This can cause problems such as pain, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, and nervous system dysfunction.

(Based on a conversation with Dr. Vikram Dua, Director of Neurosurgery, QRG Health City)

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