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Manis constantly in search of happiness. This pursuit of happiness is the catalyst that drives him to new creations and luxuries, not realizing that this wild pursuit is leading him not to happiness but to anxiety, depression, and illness. The Upanishads state that “happiness is a gentle state of mind characterized by a deep experience where all thoughts disappear”.


Vinayas Yoga Studio, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh works on this philosophy of Upanishads and is constantly working with a holistic approach towards its clients who approach them for yogic treatment of their physical and psychological problems. Established in September 2009, VINYAS stands for Vedic Yoga and Seva Sansthan and in fact the two founders of this studio Dr. Lalita Gaurav and Mr. Gaurav Jain with their service attitude have made this studio a reputed institution internationally.

Vedic Yoga and Seva Sansthan, Gwalior (Vinyasa)

The trust under which all the social, cultural, research, training and therapeutic activities that Vinay Yoga studios do are registered under section 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Public Trust Act, 1951. The name of the trust is Vedic Yoga and Seva Sansthan – abbreviated as VINYAS. VINYAS in Sanskrit means to gather, or to join together, or to gather. The goal of the institute is to mobilize people of like nature for their own progress and thus lead a mighty healthy nation based on the principles of Yoga and Vedas.

founded by
Dr Lalita Gaurav is a PhD MSc in Yogic Science and has 14 years of teaching experience. Currently, she is working as an assistant. Professor in Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education since last 8 years. Shri Gaurav Jain is an MA in Yoga and holds a Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy. He has extensive knowledge of 27 years in the field of Yoga therapy. It is through his experience of yoga therapy and a very accommodating nature, both of which have helped innumerable participants to come out of their illness and clinical symptoms who still remain members of the Vinaya family. The ambiance of the studio and the positivity of the two gurus creates an aura of complete well-being when Vinaya Yoga enters the studio’s door.

The scope and impact of our work
Since 2019 the studio is affiliated under Vyas, Bengaluru and is conducting Yoga Instructor Course, a 300 hour certification program. In addition to regular therapeutic classes and certification courses, the studio also organizes various national and international workshops on yogic practices and therapies, which are attended by various medical professionals who apply these teachings to the well being of their p

To escape the monotony of daily life, VINYAS YOGA STUDI organizes yogic gateways at beautiful and serene places where nature and yoga merge in the overall transformation of character and personality of the individual.

When the entire world is at a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic, Vinay is conducting online yoga classes so that everyone can continue with a healthy body and mind while maintaining social distancing within the confines of their homes. This new method of conducting classes has also become popular where around 120 participants practice together in morning and evening sessions. Vinay Parivar proudly states that the two founders have claimed “#VinyasmeinHoga”.
With clients across the globe, today Vinayas Yoga Studio has grown to prominence and is certainly one of the premier institutes of Yoga in Madhya Pradesh. Holistic management of good health and the foundation of our traditional yogic culture – the two pillars on which the studio stands, will continue to serve mankind in the years to come.

The founding members are equally interested in the field of Yoga research and are actively engaged in the same. Some of the research done by him are as follows:

Effect of Yogic Intervention on Psychophysiological and Health Related Fitness of Prisoners, Central Jail Gwalior as my PhD thesis

Analysis of performance states of Army snipers with Yogic module.

A study on anxiety scores and scientific creativity of secondary school children after yogic intervention.

A study on changes found in anatomy, stress scores, frustration levels and lung capacity of Dainik Bhaskar journalists through yoga module

A study on the effect of yoga module on vitality, stress induced work performance and life satisfaction level of State Armed Forces, 13 Battalion, Gwalior

A study on the post-sudarshan Kriya effect on psycho-physiological factors by biopulsar reflexograph